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The team here at iSrishti, is passionate about everything we create. We consider every new project we take up as a new challenge and one more opportunity to prove ourselves. iSrishti believes in giving attention to each and every small detail. Whether it maybe a Website for a small local business or a big corporate application, we design and develop it with the same passion and enthusiasm. Some of the services we provide include:

We have a state of the art IT -infrastructure services team who are wholly equipped with latest and cost effective technologies. Our services in this area include:

  • LAN/WAN ,Implimentations
  • Unified communication
  • Wireless Networking
  • Security Services
  • IP Camera and Securities

Server Solutions

Server Solution Services are designed to address an enterprise's entire server platform needs from design, deployment and migration to optimization. Our services ensure better server utilization rates, improved system availability and increased performance. Our consolidation services help to optimize your server infrastructure by centralizing business- critical applications and servers. We work as part of your team to help regain and retain control over server infrastructure and reduce overall infrastructure costs. our engineers expertise in managing configuring, troubleshooting, incident management, problem management, change management, and configuration management . Expertise in Windows 2000,2003,2008 Linux-redhat,ubuntu

Storage Solutions

Enterprise data is growing every day. Securing the data storage has plagued many administrators. The direct connection to the server and storage unit has lacked scalability. With the availability of ISCSI and Fiber Channel, stored data through the network has become more popular. Codepro's server engineers have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure seamless data migration to network storage through the network.

VoIP Solution

Our VoIP Services are designed to improve end-user productivity and help better utilize voice-based resources. Our services help standardize processes and the 24x7 management of communication services help ensure maximum uptime for critical voice and business applications, Data and voice networks are converging to improve communication within organizations. Unified communications is expected to transform businesses in the same way the Internet had changed the business landscape in the previous decade.

Network Security Solution

Security threat landscape is emerging every day, not only becoming complex but also rendering traditional security solutions inadequate. Technology solutions are necessary but are incapable of proactive detection and reliable prevention. The frontiers of attack range from perimeter to end point. Business risks are continuously mounting as threats evolve on 24x7 bases. Round the clock security monitoring and management enables you to secure your IT infrastructure on a proactive basis. Entrust your IT infrastructure with our 24x7 world class security operations.

Remote Access Solutions

Remote access to internal resources is becoming a crucial business tool. Remote access is critical for most employees anytime they are not in the office as employees need quick and easy access to their corporate mail, calendars, data, database and various corporate provided applications. Also in recent years, remote working, telecommuting, e-commuting is viewed as a new employment method which many workers and companies are taking advantage that requires remote access capabilities. Providing security measures for remote access are becoming more important as the connection environment diversifies in the form of notebook PC, Kiosk PC, mobile phones and mobile cards, PDA terminals, Codepro can offer you efficient and safe remote access methods by taking your needs into account.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless LAN's flexibility is a true advantage in an office environment that discourages LAN cabling or requires mobile communication. Large-scale environments are starting to easily manage many access points thanks to wireless controllers. Codepro has experience integrating wireless systems not only in offices, but also in exterior facility communication, wireless IP telephones, and companies that use wireless terminals. We will offer you a secure wireless communication systems using encryption and various authentication system

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