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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Students will learn how to configure and manage a messaging environment in accordance with technical requirements. Students will learn how to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and manage routing, client access, and the backup and restore of databases. They will also learn how to manage addressing and recipient objects such as mailboxes, distribution groups, and contacts.


Course Contents

Overview of Exchange and Active Directory

  • Review of Active Directory
  • Introduction to the Integration of Active Directory and Exchange Server 2007

Installing Exchange Server 2007

  • Introduction to the Exchange Server 2007 Server Roles
  • Installing Exchange Server 2007
  • Completing the Exchange Server 2007 Installation
  • Installing Exchange Server 2007 Client Access Server and Hub Transport Server Roles
  • Verifying an Exchange Server 2007 Installation

Configuring Mailbox Server Roles

  • Overview of Exchange Server 2007 Administration Tools
  • Implementing Mailbox Server Roles
  • Managing Public Folder Databases
  • Configuring Storage Groups and Database Files
  • Configuring a Public Folder and Store Referrals

Managing Recipient Objects

  • Managing Mailboxes
  • Managing Other Recipients
  • Overview of Managing Public Folders
  • Modifying Existing User Mailboxes
  • Configuring New Mailboxes and Mail-Enabled Objects
  • Managing Resource Mailboxes
  • Managing Mailbox Removal

Managing E-Mail Addresses and Address Lists

  • Configuring E-Mail Address Policies
  • Configuring Address Lists
  • Overview of Bulk Recipient Management Tasks
  • Managing E-Mail Address Policies
  • Managing Address Lists
  • Performing Recipient Bulk Management Tasks

Managing Client Access

  • Implementing Client Access Servers
  • Implementing Client Access Features
  • Implementing Outlook Web Access
  • Introduction to Implementing Mobile Messaging
  • Managing Mobile Device Connectivity
  • Managing Outlook Web Access

Managing Message Transport

  • Introduction to Message Transport
  • Implementing Message Transport
  • Troubleshooting Local Message Delivery
  • Troubleshooting Remote Message Delivery
  • Troubleshooting Message Transport

Managing Availability, Backup and Recovery

  • Implementing High-Availability for Mailbox Servers
  • Managing a Backup Solution
  • Managing a Recovery Solution
  • Restoring Data using the Recovery Storage Group 

Maintaining the Messaging System

  • Overview of Implementing Change Management
  • Overview of Updating Exchange Servers
  • Determining the Information Necessary for Change Implementation

  • Offerings
  • Contact

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